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flower colors

The colors, textures and type of flowers that you choose for your event sets the tone. Bold, beautiful reds exude passion and energy, while cool blue tones create a calm and tranquil environment. Yellow for new beginnings, and green to signify joy and abundance. Every color and flower has a different symbolism and meaning!

the color white

purity ~ truth ~ hope

White flowers symbolize purity and offer clean, uncluttered lines. A nosegay bouquet of white roses and snow white lillies are perfect for a winter wedding, or calla lilies which are available at any time of year. White pom pom daisies are sweet in springtime, while white cymbidium orchids and chrysanthemums are available all year round.

the color red

love ~ passion ~ energy

Red demands and captures attention. There is nothing more stunning than a deep red rose bridal bouquet laden with crystals or pearls, or an elegant mix of red flowers with white or sparkling gold accents makes a bold statement.

the color blue

loyalty ~ faith ~ eternity

Cool blue tones enhance calm and tranquility, and include cornflower or violet blue irises, airy hydrangea and striking blue delphinium. Incorporate shades of blue flowers in your bridal bouquet as your ‘something blue.’ The color blue speaks to the dreamers in our world, so gather up a bunch of blue flowers when you need a boost of inspiration.

the color pink

compassion ~ peace ~ harmony

The color pink creates a feeling reassurance and calm. Ranging from pastel pink Asiatic lilies to vibrant hot pink gerberas, stunning Stargazer lillies and orlando roses. A wedding table centerpiece might combine pink stock, larkspur and lisianthus with hot pink and light pink roses. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits.

the color orange

adventure ~ spontaneity ~ positivity

Burnt-orange calla lillies and roses, dazzling orange dahlias, peach roses, bright orange spider mums, and coral-hued gerberas are just a few of the flowers that work with the orange pallette. Paired with fuschia and turquoise accents, orange is the perfect shade of color for a summer beach wedding. Fall arrangements can be accented with tiny pumpkins and a curl of golden ribbon.

the color yellow

faith ~ purity ~ wisdom

Yellow flowers are sunny and bright, and add a cheerful spirit to any celebration. Use yellow tiger lilies, lemon-yellow tulips or bright yellow sunflowers in your floral arrangements for a summertime event, or pair shades of yellow with blues or purples to create a cool, calming feel for your celebration.

the color purple

temperance ~ royalty ~ grace

Purple flowers are whimsical and always look unique. The dark rich purples of the dahlia make a fanciful statement during a wedding ceremony, while lavender lilacs and bluebird roses offer an old-fashioned, artistic charm.

the color green

joy ~ abundance ~ mirth

Green flowers are edgy and joyful. Use jade green roses to brighten up a centerpiece, or bright green solidaster to accent a bridal bouquet. Light green cymbidium orchids bring an alluring drama to your wedding flowers, while light green gladiolas and green tulips are refreshing and fun. Pair lime greens with shades of lavender and purple to create contrast and allure.

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